Suspended Ceilings - Acoustic

Range of uses

Träullit Acoustic is a sound absorbent and fire retardant board for false ceilings in assembly halls, restaurants, schools, stairwells, wet areas, etc.

Träullit Acoustic is also available for removable false ceilings and is easy to use as wall cladding.


Träullit Acoustic is a straightforward ceiling of cement-bonded wood wool. The rustic and natural surface shows how Träullit Acoustic looks all the way through. Träullit Acoustic is manufactured of wood wool, cement and water. These simple ingredients give many good properties:

Good acoustic climate
With its open material structure, Träullit Acoustic is a good acoustic absorber. SP (Technical Research Institute of Sweden) and Ingemansson Technology AB have conducted a number of absorption tests, which are reported in a Technical Building Instruction. Hard surfaces are often used in public premises due to the risk of damage and wear. Träullit Acoustic is often used there because of its combination of strength and acoustic properties.

Träullit Acoustic is type-approved as protective cladding with a class 1 coating. 25 mm acoustic board together with 13 mm Gypsum Board is approved as EI30 on c/c 400 wooden studs in timber joists.

Moisture resistant
Träullit Acoustic is moisture resistant and can absorb and release moisture without getting damaged Tests show that the high pH value in slabs counteracts the growth of mould. Neither is the board subject to rot.

Moisture regulating
Träullit Acoustic equalises the humidity in the room by absorbing and releasing moisture to maintain equilibrium. This contributes to a pleasant indoor climate. Good for comfort and health. Moisture stress on other surfaces will also be reduced and thereby also their emissions.

Emissions and dust
Measurements made at SP in Borås show that emissions from Träullit Acoustic are extremely low. The strong surface can withstand vacuuming during its entire service life. Innumerable uses of the product in restaurants and other sensitive environments show that the boards themselves do not emit dust or particles.


Colour: wood white, cement grey, factory white, optional colour