Tynningo Pool House

This contemporary pool house offers year round relaxation, with stunning views over Stockholm’s archipelago. But creating the perfect indoor environment meant overcoming a few challenges. Architect David Wettergren was looking for a material that would reduce sound reflections from hard surfaces and parallel walls. He solved the problem by installing BAUX designs. The wood-wool BAUX tiles reduced sound reflections and added a finishing touch to this serene space.

The BAUX designs made a visual statement that the client loved. The organic textures helped soften the space and colours were chosen to create a sense of balance with the surrounding nature. An added bonus was that the wood-wool tiles reduced humidity. When heat and moisture combine, indoor pools can feel humid and stuffy. The BAUX designs absorb moisture creating a fresher feeling and a healthier indoor environment.

Object: Tynningo Pool House
Area: Tynningö, Sweden
Products used: Acoustic Tiles
Architect: David Wettergren Arkitektur