Suspended Ceilings -

Range of uses

Träullit Agro is an acoustic absorbing and fire retardant ceiling board for stable environments.

Träullit Agro is also available for removable false ceilings and is easy to use as wall cladding.


  • Good acoustic environment
    Noise levels can reach 95 dB when feeding pigs. Good acoustic absorption is needed here to avoid stress and discomfort. Every reduction of the noise level by only 10 dB is perceived as a halving. Träullit Agro manages this by far.
  • Hearing damage will not heal, it must be prevented
    Farmhands stay in the stables only a few hours every day but the animals are there 24 hours a day. Pigs have keen hearing. That’s why good acoustic absorption is so important to them. In the end, this means less stress, healthier livestock and also an improved working environment for the hands.A conventional tin roof that is often found on stable buildings acts like a large sounding box. Such a construction only amplifies and echoes the noise. With its open structure, Träullit Agro has a documented good acoustic absorption but it also has several other good properties.
  • Träullit Agro is moisture-regulating
    Raw, damp and cold air in the stables is a breeding ground for rot and mould. This causes health problems in both animals and humans. Thanks to its open architecture, Träullit Agro has a great ability to regulate the relative humidity in the room, which gives a comfortable and more even interior climate. Träullit Agro can absorb and release moisture without damage and without other functions being impaired. It really is what is usually called the “material that breathes”.
  • Resistant to rot and mould
    Träullit Agro can withstand aggressive environments. Träullit’s high pH gives an alkaline environment that prevents mould and rot.
  • Fire retardant properties
    Träullit Agro is made of wood wooland cement. Two of the oldest building materials in the world. Wood wool gives a vivid and varied surface. Cement gives strength and is fire retardant Träullit is type-approved as protective cladding with a class 1 coating.
  • Diffuse ventilation
    We humans inhale about 25,000 litres of air every day, of which 22,500 litres are indoor air. A good indoor climate is essential for our health. This is also true for our livestock. Diffuse ventilation is a good feature where the entire roof surface is used as a fresh air intake. Fresh air is evenly distributed across the entire stable area. This gives a uniform temperature and draft-free environment in the stable. No vapour barrier is needed but the roofing material must have good air permeability.Träullit Agro has the best air permeability of all fibreboard using this ventilation technique. A proven technique that provides effective ventilation without the need for advanced control systems. Fans in exhaust ducts create a vacuum in the stable that is filled with fresh air through the Träullit Agro boards in the ceiling. Permeability is about 20 m3/m2 hPa SP (Technical Research Institute of Sweden).

See  Träullit Acoustic for instructions and other documentation.


Colour: wood white