Floor Structures - Floor Structures – Standard SBS

Range of uses

Träullit SBS board is used when the cement floor structure needs to have better thermal insulation than can be attained with Träullit boards. Supplementary insulation is applied between the Träullit board embedment stirrups before reinforcement and casting.

In the finished construction, the Träullit boards hang from the embedded stirrups with expanded plastic or mineral wool insulation between them and the cement.


Very low U values possible
Finished ceiling directly after dismantling formwork
No retrofitting
Sound absorbent and fire rated ceiling
Moisture resistant and durable surface
Environmentally friendly and tidy

Bevelled sides and 8 embedding stirrups. Normal stirrup height is 330 mm above the surface of the board. Wool width 2.5 mm. Cement Grey and Wood White.


Colour: wood white, cement grey