Exterior Walls - Full Height Wall System

Range of uses

The Träullit full height wall system is a unique building system of cement-bonded wood wool. It has been developed to offer the market a homogeneous, well-insulated external wall and provide the increased requirements of the industrialised building industry. The Träullit Full Height Wall System is suitable for houses, schools, daycare centres and offices up to two storeys high.


The full height wall system is a further development of the traditional wood wool board that has been produced in Sweden for more than 70 years. Träullit wood wool boards have a documented high resistance to fire, mould and rot. The full height wall system has a thermal insulation capacity considerably better than other homogeneous designs. The Träullit Full Height Wall System is also a good plaster base.

We manufacture full height wall systems in two standard formats (see below). It is also possible to provide special formats specific to certain objects. The maximum size is, however, 2600×6000 mm.

A normal house is assembled and the pillars and ringbeam are cast in less than one day, which contributes to a shorter construction time.